How many scouts

will come to Auffi?


We expect 2000 scouts and guides participate in Auffi: 800 GuSp, 600 CaEx and 400 RaRo (including leaders) + 200 employees

Beaver and cub scouts, too, will have the opportunity to participate at Auffi! Information that is more detailed will follow soon.

Are there any

international scouts, too?


We have a contingent for foreign scout friends. So feel free to invite your partner groups. The more the merrier!

International guests from the CaEx level onwards (14 years and older) are welcome! GuSp groups (10 – 13 years) from German-speaking countries can also sign up.

I would like to help.

How do I get in touch with you?


If you want to work as a volunteer directly at the camp in August 2021, please send us an email. We will organize an skype-meeting for further informations

What can you expect

at Auffi?


• During the camp, participants will have the opportunity to get involved in a social project of the region for half a day – following our motto: "A good deed every day".

• In addition to the official program, there will be plenty of time to spend within your group/level. Time slots are reserved to run your individual activities. We are always happy to help you plan these.

• There will also be time for socialising with camp participants outside the program offered. We will provide enough possibilities for participants to get to know each other. We are planning many, different and exciting activites .


Download the weekly preview here!

Is there going to be

anopen pot day?


Definitely yes! As usual on large camps, we will also have an Open-Pot-Day. Think about a creative and typical dish of your country/region/group that you would like to share with the other participants.

Will there be a visitor's day?

Also for Beaver and Cub Scouts?


On Sunday afternoon and evening there will be the possibility to visit the participants at the camp. Besides the personal exchange there will also be a small but nice supporting program.

Beavers and cup scouts will also have the possibility to participate at the Auffi! More information will follow.

What influence will

the Corona crisis have on the camp?


We are very positive that Auffi will take place in August 2021 as we have planned it. So we will keep planning and organizing Auffi. At the same time we are prepared, of course, to amend and adapt the program to new regulations here and there. No one can predict what the situation will be like in summer 2021, but we will continue to monitor all developments very closely.

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