When can I

register for Auffi?


1. Mai 2020
Pre-registration open for Styrian and Burgenland groups

1. Juni 2020
Pre-registration open

31. Juli 2020
End of pre-registration

1. Oktober 2020 bis 31. März 2021
Registration with confirmed bookings- further information will follow.


What is needed

for pre-registration?


• One contact person per group, who is responsible for administrating registration for all age levels.

• A realistic estimation of the number of participants of each age group (including leaders)

• A single account for the whole group through which pre-registration and confirmed bookings will be processed


Who can

participate in Auffi?


• Auffi is ready to welcome 2000 scouts and guides from all
over the world: 800 GuSp, 600 CaEx, 400 RaRo (including their leaders),
as well as 200 staff.

• Beaver Scouts and Cub Scouts
can participate for 1-2 days.

• International guests: CaEx (aged 14-16) and older ones are welcome.

How much are

the camp fees?

• Beaver Scouts/ Cub Scouts: To be announced
• GuSp: €340,-
• CaEx: €370,-
• RaRo: €395,-
• Leaders €205,- reduced, additional leaders pay the full price



How many leaders

can participate at a reduced rate?

1 to 12 scouts --> 2 leaders
13 to 18 scouts --> 3 leaders
19 to 24 scouts --> 4 leaders
6 more scouts --> 1 additional leader

1 to 5 scouts --> 1 leader
6 to 12 scouts --> 2 leaders
13 to 18 scouts --> 3 leaders
6 more scouts --> 1 additional leader

What does

the camp fee include?


The camp fee includes costs for the program offered, for food and infrastructure at the camp site. There are different fees for each age level depending on the activities offered. Transportation costs to and from the camp site are not included.  

For your group day we will offer you a wide range of activities at and around the camp site. If you want to make more expensive field trips, however, we cannot take care of the costs.  

Camp fees

and cancellation policy


Camp fees are paid in two instalments:  

- 50% by 30 Jan 2021 (down payment) 
- the remaining 50% by 30 June 2021 

In case of de-registration,you will pay a certain percentage of the camp fees. 

25% if you cancel after 31 March 2021 
- 50% if you cancel after 30 June 2021  50%  
  100% if you cancel after 1 August 2021 


Im Falle gänzlicher oder teilweiser Absage auf Grund höherer Gewalt oder behördlicher Anordnung gelten grundsätzlich die allgemeinen Stornofristen, dies jedoch mit der Maßgabe, dass nach Abrechnung aller Kosten ein allfälliger Überschuss refundiert werden kann. Es besteht dahingehend kein Rechtsanspruch.  

 Any more questions? Have a look at our FAQs.
If you don't find the answers there, we'll be happy to help you.
Just drop us
a mail at info@auffi2021.at